Hair Types to Choose

Forever Hair supplies three hair types and eight bases (all custom made to fit you) - giving you the individual choice to select the most undetectable, comfortable and secure hair solution whilst ensuring that the quality is of the very highest standard but at a price which is a fraction of what you typically pay. Our prices are extremely competitive and the quality of our hair and products is the best available. We actually encourage our clients to 'shop around' - but remember to compare the quality and the price.

Remy hair - just 490 per unit (or order a stock piece online for 290)

European Hair 990 per unit

Cyber Hair 1090 per unit

For the very best quality hair you just cannot beat the service and quality from our Hair Technicians.

Use the buttons on the left to discover your ideal hair type. Or if you need help or would like to visit for a consultation we can arrange for you to see one of our Hair Technicians. Use the contact us link and you will have taken the first step to the very best hair you have ever had!

To look your very best we recommend that you let us fit and cut in your hair and maintain it by regular (every 3 - 6 weeks) servicing or 're-grooms'. Our fitting charge is 110 for a 2 hour(approx.) session, where our stylists will discuss the most appropriate style for you. Re-grooms are 60 for a 1 hour (approx) session. Regular re-grooms are essential for maintaining the best look and feel and will give you extra confidence with your hair.

Due to a recent dramatic increase in the number of short notice appointment cancellations/changed booking for both fittings and re-grooms we had had to reluctantly introduce a cancellation charge. To avoid a 30 charge, all cancellations and changed bookings must be made by noon on the day preceding your appointment. (See legal pages)

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